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Finding the Right Care for your Needs

CTRC embraces individuality and ensures that all the services we provide are based on individual assessment and planning that reflects individual needs and personal preferences.

CTRC ensures that all Service Users are thoroughly assessed before the provision of any care and support. Once assessments have been completed we aim to meet the Service User’s identified needs. We also aim to provide flexibility to change the needs and requirements of the Service User, and thus the level of support, as and when required. This change in provision of support is identified through the review process.

The assessment process is outcome led. This means that during the assessment, the CTRC Care Manager will ask what you want to achieve and write this down as a goal or outcome for the support that you are given. Then, at the review process we, and you, can see whether or not you have achieved the goals/outcomes that you set.

CTRC’s aim is for all the people we support to be able to answer yes to each of the following statements:

  • I am safe and not being taken advantage of in any way
  • I am safe from all forms of abuse and neglect
  • I am safe and secure in my home
  • I am supported if I am unwell
  • I have a support plan focussed around my needs which is regularly updated
  • I receive support delivered in a dignified manner
  • I am not discriminated against for my chosen lifestyle
  • I am not discriminated for any disability I have
  • I am shown privacy when I request it
  • I am listened to
  • I am treated with sensitivity for my needs.

CTRC meets the above aims and objectives by working to policies and procedures that promote high quality principles that take into consideration rights, privacy, independence, security, civil rights, choice and fulfilment.

Before we provide a service, we ensure that your needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed by our experience staff. CTRC aims that needs are re-assessed as frequently as necessary, and that the support provided has the flexibility to respond to your changing requirements.

CTRC Care Manager meets with the Service User, and/or the Service User’s representative or family member and talks about whether or not goals/outcomes have been met.

  • If they have, are there new goals/outcomes that the Service User would like to achieve?
  • If the goals/outcomes have not been achieved, what can CTRC Support do to help the Service User achieve them?
  • What changes do we need to make?
  • Are the goals/outcomes unachievable or can we adapt them so that the Service User can achieve them?

The review process offers the opportunity for the Service User to talk in confidence about:

  • The support that he/she has received
  • Whether the CTRC Support Worker(s) has given a good service
  • What are the perceived wrongs in the support given
  • What is right about the Support given
  • What changes would the Service User like to his/her provision of Support/care
  • The punctuality of the Support Workers.

The Review Process gives CTRC the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the service and gives the CTRC Care Manager valuable feedback on the service provision. We value criticism so long as it is something that is within our ability to change

CTRC will always co-operate with Service Users and other professionals so that the Service User can maintain his/her independence. We review our aims and purposes on a regular basis to make sure that we are giving the best Support possible

CTRC does not believe in ‘one size fits all’ – we do believe in each person’s uniqueness and individuality and our person centred approach ensures that this is the case

CTRC is a leading provider of support services for adults with disabilities who have diverse and often complex needs.

Adults using our services are always at the centre of the provision of support. Whether it’s supporting a person for just a few hours each week, to 24 hour support 7 days a week, we adapt to each person’s needs and aspirations as they change, enabling every person we support live his/her life to the full.

CTRC provides person-centred support for adults with a disability and seeks to provide opportunities for such people to lead fulfilling and active lives through the creation and provision of enjoyable and stimulating opportunities.

CTRC promises to:

  1. Put you at the centre of the support that we provide
  2. Treat you with respect
  3. Ask for your views
  4. Listen to what you tell us
  5. Act on what you say
  6. Help you to understand information
  7. Enable you to make decisions
  8. Support you to work towards your goals
  9. Support you to have control over your life
  10. Support you to keep in contact with people who are important to you
  11. Give you choice about the support you are given
  12. Support you to have and keep your home

CTRC has a reputation for providing high-quality, innovative services designed around the needs of individuals. This is achieved through a highly experienced and committed senior management team, as well as trained and effectively supported staff teams.

CTRC recognises each individual as unique and valued. We aim to ensure that every person is treated with respect and dignity at all times and receives the support they need to be valued members of society. We respect the right to privacy of all the people we support and make sure that our staff are trained to understand their role in these and all other areas. We also work closely with people and their families to help them to make choices about how they live their lives and how to manage the risks that come with daily living.

We ensure consistency of approach and successful achievement, through defining, recording and measuring outcomes that are embedded in the service we provide.

These include:

  1. Detailed and specific means to achieve social interaction, communication and independence skills
  2. Well planned and structured activities
  3. Consistency and stability in your environment and in all communications
  4. Continuous motivation and positive interaction
  5. Specialised training for your support team if required
  6. Access to sensory environments
  7. Access to community and leisure activities
  8. Providing each person with the emotional and practical support they need to help them to live life to the full.



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