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CTRC Staff

CTRC Support Staff

We are extremely proud of our company and the team we have assembled to work with us. We fully appreciate that our staff are our most valuable asset and the means by which we are able to achieve our goals to support vulnerable adults in the community.

In order for CTRC to provide Service Users with the highest quality standards of support, it is essential that we share a common philosophy between management and Support Workers. We ask nothing of our Support Workers that we would not ask of any other staff member.

We ask our employees for:

  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Commitment to delivering a high quality service
  • Hard, dedicated work
  • Harmonious and efficient working
  • Attendance at all mandatory training
  • Attendance at specialist training if requested to do so

CTRC Management monitors staff performance through supervision, observation and appraisal. All staff receives rigorous training that is regularly updated. Should a Service User require specialist training for a particular Service User’s needs, this is provided. 

CTRC Office Staff

CTRC runs a small but dedicated office in West Drayton Middlesex.

It comprises 7 members of staff, including 2 Directors, an Office Manager,

Two Care Managers, a Receptionist and 2 volunteers

CTRC Directors

One Director is a highly qualified Social Worker with many years’ experience working with vulnerable adults.

One Director is a Highly Specialised Physiotherapist for people with Learning Disabilities and Neurological Disorders who has worked with both children and adults with complex needs

CTRC Office Manager

Our Office Manager takes care of the day to day running of the office. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and makes sure that the rest of us keep to his budget and that we are fully compliant with all statutory financial dictates.

CTRC Care Managers

One Care Manager has NVQ Level 5 qualification and she assesses and monitors the care aspect of CTRC

One Care Manager is working towards obtaining her NVQ Level 5 qualification

CTRC Receptionist

We have an apprentice receptionist at the moment. Her work life revolves around answering the telephone, directing calls and making sure that the paperwork is in the right place for the right person to access. She does above and beyond what we initially expected her to do and is a real asset to CTRC

CTRC Volunteers

One volunteer is a retired lady with a working history of running a very busy office for social services. She takes care of the filing and tells us what to do and we all do it!

One volunteer is a university student, studying law and wants to get experience in office work. She is learning a great deal and is an asset to CTRC

As our business grows so our staff numbers will grow

CTRC Care/Support Training

Domiciliary Care Agencies are required to follow stringent procedures when recruiting care staff and must provide appropriate training to ensure that staff can deliver care/support safely and effectively.

CTRC Induction Training has been designed to ensure new Support Workers have a really good understanding of what the role of a Support Worker is and what is expected from the Support Worker on a day-to-day basis.

The training team take new Support Workers through a number of classroom sessions and practical activities designed specifically to give the Support Worker the skills and knowledge to ensure that they are happy and confident in their role.

The topics included within the training week include:

  1. An introduction to CTRC, its ethos, how the company works and a working   knowledge of the policies of CTRC
  2. Understanding the role of a Support Worker
  3. Recording Information in Writing and Electronically
  4. Confidentiality
  5. The Personal Development of each member of Staff in CTRC
  6. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  7. Working in a Person Centred Way
  8. Effective methods of Communication
  9. Privacy and Dignity in Care
  10. Safe food preparation – fluids and nutrition
  11. Dementia and cognitive issues
  12. Protection and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  13. Basic Life Support
  14. Moving and Handling People
  15. Hygiene, Infection Control and Prevention
  16. Recognising and Managing Challenging Behaviour
  17. Epilepsy Awareness
  18. Safe Use of Medicine

CTRC Staff Quality Assurance

CTRC undertakes quality assurance checks using methods such as staff supervision and appraisal, spot checks, training assessments, client satisfaction questionnaires, complaints and compliments, client forums, staff surveys, team meetings and feedback from other Health & Social Care professionals.



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